Art House Studio Furniture

We offer a small line of furniture designed for working artists, galleries, or homes with a creative twist. Whether you need an easel to paint on or present your work or a fresh shelving solution, we can help with our customizable options.


72″ tall with a 36″ tray, these easels are adjustable and sturdy whether you are working on it or presenting.

$150 ec

Work Horses

Good for projects or for supporting a surface.

$50 ec each

Desks/ Surfaces

Mahogany with “live edges” set on Art House work horses for use as a desk, table, or other working surface.

Made to order – price on request.

Blank stretched canvas or stretching of an existing painting onto a frame. Minimum size of 18″x 24″ for blank stretched canvas. Subject to availability of supplies. Please inquire for custom sizes.